Random Thoughts


The life of a music major is hard, add to that that I work here and there and trying to pursue a nursing major. A lot of thing have gone on in my life. For one I have met one of my long lost cousins that traced down my family so he can track me […]

Just a Thought

This weekend I have been somewhat sick so I decided to stay home for the most part. This weekend was more of getting to think about the last few months and where my life is headed. As you I lead a very busy life and really don’t have time for a lot of the thing […]

Sleep? What’s that?

As a music major that has 11 classes, is involve in choirs, and that works freelance in this city I call home I rarely have time for time for myself much less sleep. This weekend was been one of those that one might say was very overwhelming. I have been doing some PR stunts ever […]

Fight or Flight

This past Friday I headed to the airport to get on to a flight to New York. It was a red-eye flight, so it leaves at midnight and lands at 8 am EST. I tried falling asleep but it seemed like my mind would not turn off, so I asked to some sleeping pilling…. and […]

Crossing Lines and Creating Problems

So today was a very busy day. I spent it with my cousin doing last minute wedding things; final review of the wedding cake, fittings of the tuxes, looking at the banquet hall, the flowers. Seeing that everyone that should be here is here, etc. But another thing that my cousin wanted was a girls […]

Faith and Secrets

During this week off the only thing I have been able to think off is, Am I making the right choice of pursuing a career in music? Let me explain, I am ok musician and have a decent ear but I no match to other musicians that have been playing for years, I barely started […]

The Things We Do….

It’s amazing what a young man can do with a laptop and a bluetooth phone on a plane. If you don’t get it, let me explain, I got online with my phone during this plane trip because the movie is lousy. So yeah, it been 46 days since I gave up coffee, and cursing and […]

Spring Break

Spring Break is coming to a close and my time here in NY is wearing down. It has been a difficult week, being at the hospital, taking care of Christine, taking care of prior engagements and the other reason I was here, work. It was also very different, was able to see most of my […]

The Woes of My Life

So I’ve been here in New York since last Friday, got in around 11:00 pm and headed straight to the hospital Christine was. She had surgery that morning, and I didn’t know what was the outcome until then. Stayed in the hospital until Monday morning when she came out of here chemical coma. She’s well […]

Life and Music

Again sorry if you read this but I have been so busy writing music, having choir practices and having four concerts four weeks in a row add to that classes and a girlfriend that is on the other side of the world. Not to mention a kid but I’m not complaining. Life is finally falling […]