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Spring Break

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Spring Break is coming to a close and my time here in NY is wearing down.

It has been a difficult week, being at the hospital, taking care of Christine, taking care of prior engagements and the other reason I was here, work. It was also very different, was able to see most of my friends, was able to keep my lunch reservations at Sorentino’s and most importantly I was able to finish recording two days ahead of schedule. Yeah… I’m that great.

The relationship with Christine seems ok but there is an underlying cause that might break us up, the distance. She goes to school in New York and she loves it there, I love it too but I live in LA now and there isn’t any plans for me to move back to New York anytime soon. I can’t ask her to move to the other side of the country to be together. So it seems that it might not work out.

But I have had a good time. I went out with friends, check out bands, did the whole tourist thing and the most amazing happen the New York Auto Show started on Wednesday and someone I know got Press Passes so we went two days to see everything. It was amazing.

The next time I will write might just be when I’m back in LA.

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