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The Things We Do….

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It’s amazing what a young man can do with a laptop and a bluetooth phone on a plane. If you don’t get it, let me explain, I got online with my phone during this plane trip because the movie is lousy.

So yeah, it been 46 days since I gave up coffee, and cursing and took up being a Nazarene. Let’s just say that I might never drink coffee because it is a such a drug and I will never go so long with out shaving.

On to other news; Christine broke up with me, I knew it was coming, but she used the most stupid thing to break up on, the distance. She asked me to move back to New York for her and I said no. I go to school in LA, and I am trying to create a life there.

So it comes to an end… ehhh…. things happen people move one. That’s what life if all about.

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