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The life of a music major is hard, add to that that I work here and there and trying to pursue a nursing major.

A lot of thing have gone on in my life. For one I have met one of my long lost cousins that traced down my family so he can track me down. We where close when we were younger, especially after my aunt died but our family is very screwed up that he and his dad had to leave the family. Now he is wants to be part of my immediate family see that we where there for him when he was younger.

My roommate is very big on the Halloween thing; me, not so much even though I was raised in a secular family setting we just didn’t celebrate or did anything, my family did like “El dia de los Muertos” (Day of the Dead) which is Nov. 1, but after a creepy thing that happened to us at a cemetery we haven’t done anything related to it. Anyhow, he was very pushy that he wanted to throw a halloween party on the 28th. I went with it and I agreed to buy food for the party and what not. Mind you, he started planing back in September. When October rolls around we find out that the 28th is the same day as Homecoming and that there’s a dance and whatnot. But instead of canceling and rescheduling he just pushes it back and just tries to do whatever he can to make this already failed party a success. Add to that I had to work that day and my “date” flaked on my because she also had to work and lock up.

Girls just make things worst. Let me elaborate. This summer I “dated,” Kelsey, which I met at work, and we worked together for about 4 weeks and seeing that we where going to spend so much together might as well get some fun out it. So this was totally a summer fling , she knew, I knew it, everyone knew it. At the end of my work there, I broke it off.

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