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The Woes of My Life

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So I’ve been here in New York since last Friday, got in around 11:00 pm and headed straight to the hospital Christine was. She had surgery that morning, and I didn’t know what was the outcome until then. Stayed in the hospital until Monday morning when she came out of here chemical coma.

She’s well at her loft, doing what she does best, brag about her trip around Europe. Its not that much of a burden, her parents are here and a lot people from her church have offered to help.

I have just finish rapping up my job here in New York. I will stay a few more days to make sure that she has someone to talk to. I will be leaving her tomorrow with her parent because a few buddies of mine have invited me to the New York Auto Show. It seems cool but not when some you care about is in a bed.

So I will probably be here until Sunday and be back home Monday in the afternoon.

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