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Again sorry if you read this but I have been so busy writing music, having choir practices and having four concerts four weeks in a row add to that classes and a girlfriend that is on the other side of the world. Not to mention a kid but I’m not complaining.

Life is finally falling back into place after midterms and now I can relax and be a bit mellow and enjoy the sunset, a bit. So what is new with me? Nothing much, helping out a friend build a studio. Christine’s three week tour has been extended to a five week thing across Europe; London, Madrid, Lisbon, Paris and then ending in Austria. Yeah, she’s going places I just don’t want to see my phone bill next month because I know it will be over $300.

So to recap things are getting back to normal and my gf is on the side of the world. Choirs are still a pain but I am enjoying them everyday more and more.

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