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Crossing Lines and Creating Problems

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So today was a very busy day. I spent it with my cousin doing last minute wedding things; final review of the wedding cake, fittings of the tuxes, looking at the banquet hall, the flowers. Seeing that everyone that should be here is here, etc.

But another thing that my cousin wanted was a girls point of view, and me being me, asked Christine to come along. I know, not a great idea but she was the only one with the time and with great taste. So anyhow, she came with and everything seems to be in place and everything is going according to plan. I am luckily not planning this wedding and it seems like my cousin is doing everything in his power to make this wedding the way his soon-to-be wife wants it.

But it was a great feeling to be with Christine all day and I thought that that was going to be it. To my surprise she showed up to the rehearsal dinner, thinking that she was my date. Crossing the line. I really thought that I hadn’t done anything to invoke this action. But there she was an it would have been rude of me to not go along, and by doing this ensuring that she wouldn’t make a scene and ruining the rehearsal dinner. So everything went smoothly. People where happy, people gave toast, then it was all over. I got away with this, it wasn’t that awkward. But then my uncle Walter assumed that Christine and I would be at the wedding together. So he invited her as guest of mine, but he failed to mention it to me. I had planned to bring a friend to the wedding, not really a date, but this way I wouldn’t be a target of my Aunt to fix me up with anyone else.

So the rehearsal dinner ended and being who I am I agreed to accompany Christine back home. Sharing a cab seeing that we where head towards the same place. In the cab we decide to have some fun and stop at a club for a while. No harm it that right? Two friends just hanging at a club?


She made a move on me and told me that she was going to be at the wedding and so on.

So here I am; I’ve crossed the line and now I have a huge problem. I just hope she doesn’t made a huge scene and ruin the wedding.

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