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Fight or Flight

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This past Friday I headed to the airport to get on to a flight to New York. It was a red-eye flight, so it leaves at midnight and lands at 8 am EST. I tried falling asleep but it seemed like my mind would not turn off, so I asked to some sleeping pilling…. and boy did they do there job…. out like a light.

I landed at JFK airport and after getting off the plane it was quarter after, luckily Phil had sent a town car to pick me up form the airport and take me straight to the Plaza Hotel for breakfast. Some may be asking, who Phil is? Phil Horowitz is one of the best Music law Attorneys in New York, and because a friend of mine has been working in his office for some time now, he agreed to review my cases. Ultimately he agreed to take it and do it pro bono.

So as I arrived at the plaza for breakfast, Bruce was getting out of a cab. Bruce is my standing lawyer, he reads my contracts and advices me in everything I do in the industry. So we went in and talk about our three legal strategies; 1) motion for dismissal, 2) force to drop suit, 3) Delay the trail until next summer so I can dedicate time to be in the courtroom.

I had the best egg florentine I had ever had…. but enough about the breakfast From there I went to the courthouse and the hearing was set to start at 11:30. The hearing started and becuase of the clause I had found in the contract and because of the the court case of Capitol Records Inc vs Rod O’ Malley.

So it was good and I had a reservation in sorentino’s to celebrate so it was a great lunch with friend and colleagues. After that I went to the AES world headquarters and did what I had to do…..

I had my review right there on the spot and luckily I am able to reapply but under probation for the entire year and will not be re-invited to the the convention in San Francisco in October. And that night when out with friend and did the whole New York Scene thing.

Today I had brunch with Christine, to talk things over, lately she’s been getting hammered a lot and calling me telling things that have been affecting me in a very negative way. We are still friends and I need to help her out in any way I can. It was a good brunch and cleared most of the air. Mind you this was a very difficult talk seeing that we both have lingering feeling for each other but because of the distance it would be very difficult to have a real relationship. I have currently agreed to settle here in LA for the time being and have no plans to move to New York in the near future. She goes to Juilliard and is a great pianist and it would be unfair to her to ask her to move her and vice versa. But she had the audacity to that while I was vulnerable last Spring Break. That is why we are no longer together. After brunch I hopped on a plane back to LA.

Here I am in the library finishing up a few homework assignment and writing this.

“The Rants of a Young Audio Engineer” – My Autobiography

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