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This weekend I have been somewhat sick so I decided to stay home for the most part. This weekend was more of getting to think about the last few months and where my life is headed. As you I lead a very busy life and really don’t have time for a lot of the thing other people take for granted, like have some down-time and having real relationships.

So, I going to confess that I am once more talking to Christine, but it not in the sense that you might think. She is going through a very hard time, she has been pushing herself hard during these past months to get back to her stature. The last few days we have been in conversations about how she feels about her profession and what it means in her life and vice versa.

Does this mean that we are thinking of getting back together? Probably not. We are good friends and I understand what is going through because I’m going through the same thing. And it was her decision to break up not mine, but the distance does play a major factor in why we are not together. I’m not planning to move in the near future and I will not ask her to move for me.

So I still need to find away to get more rest and enjoy the little things.

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