Random Thoughts

what’s in a name part iii

there have been previous post with the same title over the years. the first one dealt with why i go by kenn instead of ken or even kenneth – my given name – and the name most people know me by  the second talked about online identity, or handle. how i changed from ‘heyitskenn’, a […]

The In-Between

We’ve all been there… the in between jobs, the in between chapters in our lives. This entire year has felt like an in between. I did a lot. I worked to make the ESPN iOS app very accessible, I pushed for better. To the point that a lot people thought I was doing great. That […]

Job Hunt Redux

It’s been over 2 months since I moved from Hartford. Last time I went through a job search I documented it, mainly because it was a large employment gap and to somewhat show the under belly of the iceberg of success. This time around there wasn’t a large gap (to my own surprise) but I […]

Job Hunt

Earlier this week I announced that I started work at ESPN. Only a handful of people knew that they had extended an offer and even less knew that I had accepted. This comes after almost six months since I left my previous position. While it is an accomplishment, I did not do it completely myself. […]

Thinking out loud

Note: I wrote this last Friday and debated the weekend if I should post. I believe that I should but it may be removed at any time The week before Thanksgiving I left my job. I had saved up enough that I would be fine for several months. I went to visit family and friends. […]

It Bothers Me that it Doesn’t Bother Me

Ever since I’ve started working, I’ve always had this… this unrelenting drive for things to be their best. The best take. The best proposal, the best set up, mic placement… nitpicking at the details. In the last few years… talking about the most minute design issues. The thickness of the borders, the glyphs, buttons, tap […]

Music Is a Commodity but It Doesn’t Have to Be

I wrote this last month after using Tidal for a while. Before and after Jay Z  “bought” it. But didn’t publish it then, but decided to do so now. Much has been said about Tidal and Jay Z the “illuminati 15.” I get what what they are trying to do in a way. They want […]

The One Where I Move to a Different State and Don’t Tell Many People

It’s been ten years since I moved back to LA. I remember packing up what was my life at the time and moving to a new place that used to be home. To a school I had only seen in pictures and not knowing a single soul. For the next decades as would half heartedly […]

What’s in a Name Revisited

A few years ago I wrote about Why I go by Kenn, particularly Kenn R, instead of Ken and my rarely used last name. The gist of it, 1. Kenn is less formal, and more casual than my given name of Kenneth. 2. I’m no longer the person Kenneth was, a star soccer player that […]

Devil’s Advocate

While I’m still trying to catch up from my break from the internet during June and most of July, I came across a TechCrunch article by MG Siegler, Playing Devil’s Advocate. The answer, it seems, is that most of those people were likely too close to the projects to see what was right in front […]