Random Thoughts

A Quick Catch Up

Wow… has it really been that long? Life has been a bit busy… end of the school year, then packing and moving and to top it of Choir tour in Nor Cal and Hawaii. Everything is almost back to normal, except for a few things…. I have no place to live. I applied for a […]

A Little Catch up

Sorry I haven’t written, life is kind of a mess right now. I will briefly talk about what is going on my life. Last Friday, Men’s Chorale was cancelled so I was able to go go home for the weekend and this was primarily two fold; 1) I need to take care of some business […]

Changing Lives

I’m really not going to write a lot because I’m exhausted and I need to get some rest. This week has been I have been spending a lot more time with Laura and it seems like we are dating but we are not going to put a label this for several reasons, most importantly is […]

College, Work, Life and Recordings

At the end of the summer I said I was going to try to write some blogs so you guys can get a clue of what is going on in my life. While I have failed miserably, there are reasons why I haven’t had time to write. At this time, I am very serious of […]


For the last few weeks I have been struggling with all my music, classes, social life, and work. But recently everything has just been falling into place. Since last Friday things just seems easier, I am able to retain so much more from classes and get so much more done in the the same time. […]

A Door Closes but a Window Opens

School has been a mess this semester. It is the hardest thing I have ever done, but I’m not complaining because things like this built character. As you may know, I did not make the third choir I auditioned for because of various reasons, one of those what I was I need to improve my […]

A Few Steps Back

This weekend I had planned to go to Apple Valley to see some friends at the Senior Pastor’s house, but things got complicated and it all when down the tube. So what to do this weekend? Today I went to buy a few books at the bookstore and I only got 5 books and I […]

Another School Year

As some might know I moved here last weeks but classes don’t start until tomorrow. Well the reason three fold; 1)I wanted all my crap to be unpacked way before school started, therefore making my apartment look like an apartment before classes start, 2) I am part of a choir and had to be here […]

Back at school

I have been back at school since Saturday and unpacked fairly quickly. Everything seems to be ok. Sunday night was orientation for the new students to the choir and it was different, but still very exciting. Saw all my old friends from choir and tons, and I mean tons of music majors; people that are […]

Wild Men and Choir

For the pass week I was on a bus with 70 other guys on a choir tour. We hit Lake Havasu, Antioch, Napa Valley, San Francisco, San Jose Carmel, Selma, and Las Vegas. It was a great experience to get to meet other guys that have the same belief as me and are involve in […]