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I’m really not going to write a lot because I’m exhausted and I need to get some rest. This week has been I have been spending a lot more time with Laura and it seems like we are dating but we are not going to put a label this for several reasons, most importantly is that she’s leaving at the end of the semester, well, that’s what she says now. This entire week I have been doing this completely out of the ordinary, Monday I hanged out with Laura and cheered her up, she was feeling a tad blue after her juries. Tuesday I slept. Wednesday I had originally had planned to go see “the Goodbye Girl” because I had many friends that where in the play (Adri and Hannah and many more) but the people I wanted to go with, flaked on me. Then I remembered that I needed to go see some kind of classical music concert. I went to Orange County Performance Arts Center to see the Emerson String Quartet with rush tickets. I’m not a big classical buff but I enjoyed it enough to stay awake and understand what the music was trying to say.

On Thursday I had lunch with Laura and just hung out…. I was called in to another boardroom meeting for my summer project to discuss recording schedules and other things. After about an hour of talking business I was informed that I have received a bonus. That night I celebrated with Laura by going to a nice dinner and then just spent time with each other. Friday is usually the day I sleep in I don’t have an early class and I skip chapel, but I had to go buy a book for my 10:40 am class at 8 am came back and did my homework but I fell asleep and didn’t wake up until lunch. And I had lunch with Laura once more. My Baroque class was canceled so I help Laura redecorate her dorm room. She asked me to the game….. It’s really not my thing but because she wanted to go I went…. and if you know APU Basketball we always win. I wasn’t the best game for most of the game we where up between 20-40 through the game. It was ok… the final score was 102 – 64.

Today I had a choir concert at California Adventures. It was not the best concert due to singing song we hardly knew because we couldn’t do our normal repertoire. The concert itself was less than average but after our set we where able to just enjoy the park. It was a good.

As you can see I have been doing tons with my life. I’m in a relationship without labels. I think I’m happy. I think someday has finally come. I really didn’t think I I would feel like this again. yes I understand that at the end of the semester she might be gone, but there is always the possibility that she might not, heck, I might move to Washington.

Seems like I am becoming a very different person and I really don;t know who I am now. But hopefully with Laura I will be able to figure out who I am.

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