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A Door Closes but a Window Opens

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School has been a mess this semester. It is the hardest thing I have ever done, but I’m not complaining because things like this built character. As you may know, I did not make the third choir I auditioned for because of various reasons, one of those what I was I need to improve my tone of voice, which I am actually working on with my vocal professor and in my other singing classes.

But you really don’t care about this, I do. This choir is very prestigious, they are going on two week tour next summer to Italy and sing at the vatican and what not. So after much convo with people and professors, I found out that there is a “pre”-tour that runs for the middle of June to July and would be going to Naples, Rome and Milan. This is big because of a few things; 1) I will be in a great choir 2) I will be singing something different than what I sing in my other choirs and 3) the possibility that this would be my only tour next summer.

But as always there are problems, 1) time 2) conflict of schedule (I want to go to Hawaii late June) and lastly 3) I will not be able to commit to anything else for a while if take this endeavor on.

I really would like for some feedback on what you guys think.

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