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Wild Men and Choir

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For the pass week I was on a bus with 70 other guys on a choir tour. We hit Lake Havasu, Antioch, Napa Valley, San Francisco, San Jose Carmel, Selma, and Las Vegas. It was a great experience to get to meet other guys that have the same belief as me and are involve in the same things. But even more interesting was that we all wanted out of the bus after that one week. lol

Well it was a great trip but after a few days of singing the same songs day after day, it gets boring. But I learn so much from other people, the Choir director, and the Prof that came with us to give us a study during our trip.

We had some down time during all of this, of course. We went to a Giants game, but Barry didn’t break the record, we went to the beaches of Carmel and play Ultimate Frisbee. Stayed at a Christian camp for the night in Northern Fresno, stayed in Dairy farm and saw dairy cows.

It was a hard week but well worth it. I will not soon forget what went on this trip.

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