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Back at school

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I have been back at school since Saturday and unpacked fairly quickly. Everything seems to be ok. Sunday night was orientation for the new students to the choir and it was different, but still very exciting.

Saw all my old friends from choir and tons, and I mean tons of music majors; people that are in other choirs, student government, band, sport teams, and leadership.

The past few days have been somewhat rough, singing for seven hours a day is kind of hard. And tomorrow the choir has been asked to sing for the entire faculty. So another day of singing without being at 100% vocal wise. It seems that every semester I have to have a throat infection or get sick.

But as I wrote before I will try my best to write my journey here at school and stuff. I’m not making any promises, seeing that the wireless here sucks, but hopefully that changes soon with some things I have bought to remedy that problem.

So until next time

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