Random Thoughts

My Rekindled Passion for Music

Some might not know that I have spent the last week and a half working in the New York. Apparently word got out that I was back in town. By Monday night I had a gig for recording session, the next day people wanted me to listen to there EP at the studio, and so […]

Searching for Something

I truly despise, feeling this way because I dislike being a charity case. I detest being a burden on my friends with my problems, my depression. What I loathe even more than that is the pity friends and acquaintances give me. I tell you these this not earn your pity, but to earn your respect. […]


I’ve been back in the States since Thursday. Sadly I was not able to work in in Boston because of some problem between the recording studio and the band I was suppose to record. In light of that I decided to take the train into New York and just have an impromptu trip on Friday. […]

Sleepless Night

On my way back from Pamplona last night, a few things got me thinking. I had a long conversation with Claudia, which I would have rather done face to face. It was hard but it had to be done. It was one of those, ‘Where is this going’ conversation which will take a lot more […]

What Lies Ahead

After much thought, prayer and fasting, it has become clear to me that I should attend Berklee in the Fall. I hope many understand that this something I really didn’t want to do, seeing that I have made great friends in the last three years since my return to LA. I also regret not saying […]

Fight or Flight

This past Friday I headed to the airport to get on to a flight to New York. It was a red-eye flight, so it leaves at midnight and lands at 8 am EST. I tried falling asleep but it seemed like my mind would not turn off, so I asked to some sleeping pilling…. and […]

Back to the Norm

After a week of some work and a lot of fun I’m back here in LA. If you kept up on my recent blogs you should know what happened but if not. I was in New York for a wedding and while there I was able to get some work done, visit some old friends […]

Crossing Lines and Creating Problems

So today was a very busy day. I spent it with my cousin doing last minute wedding things; final review of the wedding cake, fittings of the tuxes, looking at the banquet hall, the flowers. Seeing that everyone that should be here is here, etc. But another thing that my cousin wanted was a girls […]

So, New York….

It has been some time since I was here. I was here for Spring Break but it was more because Christine was in coma and I had a job here. It was originally for fun and had many things planned but to my surprise I was here for someone I really care for, and I […]

Day Two and Finished?

Yes. I was able to record and mix four songs (co-wrote one during lunch with the band) in two days, but they where two long days. Now I am going to focus on having some fun because let’s face it I’m in New York and there are always a ton of things to. Well hopefully […]