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After much thought, prayer and fasting, it has become clear to me that I should attend Berklee in the Fall. I hope many understand that this something I really didn’t want to do, seeing that I have made great friends in the last three years since my return to LA.

I also regret not saying good bye to tons of people at school.

It just seems like GOD has recently opened all the doors for me to walk through them. First, I was able to get an interview last winter, while they where closed for winter break, mind you. Then I was accepted. In the recent weeks I have com across the opportunity of buying a Loft in New York at very reasonable price, which at the time am following through in the purchase half and half with my father.

I understand that this might not make much sense, but maybe it does. I have recently gotten sick of being in this city with its pop-culture style which I had to keep up with as a part of my job. I really just want to get back to the music and talent, not appearances.

I will still be in LA until the first week of July, but I will be very busy with work and working out new contacts in Boston and New York for job opportunities.

Claudia and I have discussed this. It seems like we have waited this long to be together what would an extra nine months be. She has also applied to NYU hoping to secure herself a spot in their Pre-Med Program.

All through tour I was very secretive about this, I didn’t want to tell anyone because I didn’t want to be a cause of sadness. At our last concert I left anything on the floor; didn’t hold back what so ever. I was free but I realize that I will never be as close to so many guys that think, act and trust God as I do.

As I type this I cannot stop the tears from rolling down my cheek.

There will be many people I will miss and because I am not the same person I was three years ago this move will and has affected me profoundly. I was not able to say goodbye because I couldn’t.

You only say bye to those you will see again. I am not sure I will ever see any one again. So I bit you adieu.

Blessings on you house and Family.

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