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After a week of some work and a lot of fun I’m back here in LA. If you kept up on my recent blogs you should know what happened but if not. I was in New York for a wedding and while there I was able to get some work done, visit some old friends and still have time to visit places around the island.

The best part was that the wedding was so awesome. I thought that there was going to be drama between me and Christine but there was none. I took my friend Victoria and we just dance the night way in the Rainbow Room. Yeah. My cousin married into a very financially stable family.

I have few pics from my trip on Facebook. You have to be my friend to see them

Take a look

I am still working on a project the rest of this week and some of next. I will be packing the rest because I move in to my apartment on Saturday. I just can’t wait until I’m back at school to see all my friends and have some time to rest.

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