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I’ve been back in the States since Thursday. Sadly I was not able to work in in Boston because of some problem between the recording studio and the band I was suppose to record. In light of that I decided to take the train into New York and just have an impromptu trip on Friday.

It seems like my timing has been very good lately. Escrow finally closed and I signed that last of the paperwork on Saturday and today everything was processed. I’m happy that all of this is finally over and that I am now an owner of real estate; I feel so grown up. There a just a few things I need to clear up before I start to move in some time mid next month, primarily I need to get a plumber to replace all the copper pipes in the loft and then start to decorate and give it my own style. Right now I’m just hanging out with friends in a beach in the hamptons and enjoying the much deserved down time.

Everything seems right is place. Tomorrow I’m off once more to Boston to check on things at Berklee and then, sometime later this week, headed back to LA.

I’ve also recently been informed that I have enough Frequent Flier miles to take someone with my on my vacation. I’m considering taking my younger sister. I haven’t spend much time with her in a while and I think this might make up for it. There are just a few problems with that. I will need to have power of attorney to be able to fly with her and then I will have to responsible for her and what not.


Maybe I need to think it over a bit more.

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