Random Thoughts


Time is such a precious thing that many people refer it as money in the old saying, “Time is money.” This week I have figured out that time is not only money but much, much more. I am not overwhelmed. I’m just hitting a wall seeing that I have somewhat sick, so my body has […]

Pre-20th Century Music

So as I am listening to music form the mid-1800’s I realized that I haven’t written in almost a week and I am really trying to make time for everything. So let me explain why am I am listening to Pre-20th century music, its part of an assignment for History and Literature of commercial music, […]

A Few Steps Back

This weekend I had planned to go to Apple Valley to see some friends at the Senior Pastor’s house, but things got complicated and it all when down the tube. So what to do this weekend? Today I went to buy a few books at the bookstore and I only got 5 books and I […]

School Suxs

School has been underway for two days and I am already swamped with work and reading. Classes started yesterday, luckily for me I don’t have classes before chapel. But because its a new school year there is a community chapel on the other campus, so I got to my first class a bit late… 20 […]

Another School Year

As some might know I moved here last weeks but classes don’t start until tomorrow. Well the reason three fold; 1)I wanted all my crap to be unpacked way before school started, therefore making my apartment look like an apartment before classes start, 2) I am part of a choir and had to be here […]

Things Are Winding Down

Things are finally going to be settling down, well as much as one can expect. I am still here in Palo Alto and it seems like I’m going to be here until Wednesday at the latest. Which is a good thing seeing that I have to get back to LA pack all my crap and […]

So, New York….

It has been some time since I was here. I was here for Spring Break but it was more because Christine was in coma and I had a job here. It was originally for fun and had many things planned but to my surprise I was here for someone I really care for, and I […]

Day Two and Finished?

Yes. I was able to record and mix four songs (co-wrote one during lunch with the band) in two days, but they where two long days. Now I am going to focus on having some fun because let’s face it I’m in New York and there are always a ton of things to. Well hopefully […]

Faith and Secrets

During this week off the only thing I have been able to think off is, Am I making the right choice of pursuing a career in music? Let me explain, I am ok musician and have a decent ear but I no match to other musicians that have been playing for years, I barely started […]

Obsessive Compulsive

I am not one of those that has to have their house as clean as they can be, sure I like where I live to look nice and smell clean but let’s face it I’m twenty, work full time, and I try to have a social life here and there; so there is no way […]