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School Suxs

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School has been underway for two days and I am already swamped with work and reading.

Classes started yesterday, luckily for me I don’t have classes before chapel. But because its a new school year there is a community chapel on the other campus, so I got to my first class a bit late… 20 minutes. That class is very interesting and challenging its inner ear training and sight reading. After that class I just head down the hall to History and Literature of Commercial Music, trust me it better that it sounds. After that I have a sweet class, Advance MIDI; ok it sounds geeky, and it is but it will do wonders for my editing and mixing skills. Last but not least, is Men’s Choral, all of this ends at 4:10 pm. and this was just Wednesday.

Today was bit more challenging because of one little thing, I forgot that I have to take a piano class and the only one I am able to take now is at 7 am. From there I have nothing to do until 11:30 when I have Music theory with a teacher that leaves much to desire. Theory ends and I have an hour break before I have to head to the other campus for I & II Samuel with is a upper division bible extensive, which mean a very hard bible class and a hard term paper. Then the vain of every music major, Oratorio Choir. So there you have it…. two days of school and I am in a library reading about the fall of popular music past midnight.

So if you see from this my time will be limited to write everyday but I will try my best to write as often as I can.

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