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Obsessive Compulsive

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I am not one of those that has to have their house as clean as they can be, sure I like where I live to look nice and smell clean but let’s face it I’m twenty, work full time, and I try to have a social life here and there; so there is no way its going to be spotless. For those that have seen my study patterns you might think I might be failing all my classes because you may never see me open a book or review my notes. But there was a time when I was very into my studies, it was about nine years ago. I was very bright back then and had everything I wanted in my grasp. I didn’t even need to study for any test. I was given gifted classes. The School Board went over my Permanent File and realized that I had an IQ of 135. Not a prodigy but I’m in a class of being gifted. I’m able to take problems, see them differently and resolve them in a better form, faster.

Well High school comes around and I kind of gave up on studying for the girls and just became lazy. But what happen to the high intellect?

It was still there I just didn’t use it, that is until I found my passion for music in a mixing board. See many people have obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) in washing their hands, counting, and its a really hard disease but I have a different one. I have to have a great mix.

I work myself to the bones to have a great mix even if it means working all night and all day, not seeing my family. But the first step of fixing your problem is admitting you have a problem. Well, I Kenn Rodriguez have a problem….. I work the best I can in every recording session and that is why now I have three day weekend and is four days ahead of schedule in recording session and has just been promoted to vice- project manager.

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