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Pre-20th Century Music

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So as I am listening to music form the mid-1800’s I realized that I haven’t written in almost a week and I am really trying to make time for everything.

So let me explain why am I am listening to Pre-20th century music, its part of an assignment for History and Literature of commercial music, this is probably the only era I will dislike to most. But next week we start a complete new chapter of the 20th century which includes ragtime, the gay nineties, tin pan alley and blues so I am very happy for that.

My week have been busy trying to keep up with 11 classes is hard and learning all the music for choirs add to that. so I have tried to do most of my home work this week so I can have the weekend free and go home.

But to finish on a high note…. everything will be good, as it always does….

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