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Things Are Winding Down

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Things are finally going to be settling down, well as much as one can expect. I am still here in Palo Alto and it seems like I’m going to be here until Wednesday at the latest. Which is a good thing seeing that I have to get back to LA pack all my crap and move in on Saturday. Can’t wait to move into my apartment and see all my friends.

But until then I will have talk about what is happening with me here.

Summer is almost at its end and I had just a few glimpses here and there due to fact of work. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy my work very much, I just wished I was able to take it a bit easier like other people. But at least this way when I’m in school I am able to concentrate on the task at hand and not on money issues. These projects have been able to pay for my bills and put food on the table and for that I am very much grateful.

As my knowledge in the industry grows and I become better known I see that there are tons of options. There is Film, Music, and now I see the new world of Gaming. I have seen gaming become a very important field nowadays, I remember seeing in the paper that the game industry had made more than ALL of Hollywood last year, given that each game is about $50 each, still that is a lot of money.

The recording engineer is becoming a very competitive job seeing that a lot of amateur DJ’s want into the industry while other just want fame, and there are those like me that even at this early age have set myself for a very different career. Am I going to make it? I don’t know. Am I going to become famous? i don’t know. Will I have a job next week? I don’t. Which just make this jobs that much better. I can’t just slack off on a project if I don’t care, because because every project show my skills and techniques as an engineer.

All I can say is that this something I am going to live with and I’m ok with it. There are other places to go; I am making myself seen in other industries and maybe some day I will be in all three.

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