Random Thoughts

Flying Away

I broke it off… If you understand this good, if not, it is no longer relevant. There has been a few personal dilemmas that I have had to deal with in the past few months. But I came to the realization that I can’t be what others want me to be. I am current at […]


After a few days in the hospital after an adverse side-effect from mixing medications added to the pressures of overworking myself, I’ve been home on mandated vacation. With this vacation I have a lot of extra time on my hands and nothing really to do. Trying to remedy that, I decided to write by hand. […]


I started writing this post back in September and then shelved it in my drafts. I am once more reminded about it. In the past few days I have been picking up on hints that talk to me about success and failure. I dug this old draft up and tweaked it. Hopefully this is something […]

Choices and Options

This post will be vague intentionally. It’s more just for me, to be able to write down some things down, to express some of my thoughts and events that are happening in my life without going into details. Earlier this month I started with the motto, “The actions that will take place in the next […]

Something About Me…

So chapel on Friday was about letting people into your life and sharing what one is struggling with. So let me share. I have been currently struggling with a very big decision, which not only affects my life but the life of someone else. For those that don’t know, Christine has been considering giving up […]

Things That Suck

Why do girls just make everything so much harder than it really is? Why do they complicate everything one does or does not do? Is it so hard for people to understand that I might not want to be in a relationship because I would not be able to dedicate the time and effort into […]

Crossing Lines and Creating Problems

So today was a very busy day. I spent it with my cousin doing last minute wedding things; final review of the wedding cake, fittings of the tuxes, looking at the banquet hall, the flowers. Seeing that everyone that should be here is here, etc. But another thing that my cousin wanted was a girls […]

The Woes of My Life

So I’ve been here in New York since last Friday, got in around 11:00 pm and headed straight to the hospital Christine was. She had surgery that morning, and I didn’t know what was the outcome until then. Stayed in the hospital until Monday morning when she came out of here chemical coma. She’s well […]

We All Wear Masks

So it seems that life isn’t away happy go luckily. For those that know what has been going on in my life for the past few days I thank you for your help. For those that don’t, you might just not want to know, trust me. We all wear masks, metaphorically, we all want to […]

Knot in my Stomach

So for the past week Kelsey and I have been ditching each other for lunch. I go my way, she goes her way. We still have to meet for meeting for our project and it isn’t that bad because there are other people there but there definitely some tension. It’s like there is a vibe […]