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Knot in my Stomach

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So for the past week Kelsey and I have been ditching each other for lunch. I go my way, she goes her way. We still have to meet for meeting for our project and it isn’t that bad because there are other people there but there definitely some tension. It’s like there is a vibe that we both pick up.

I don’t want to the guy that goes after rebound girls and I think that she is going through the same thing. She’s has been talking to a friend of hers because of things that have been affecting her. I don’t know what those things are, I might never know but for now, ignorance is bliss. Or is it?

Yeah I care for her….. yes, she’s a God fearing girl…. Of course, she is a funny witty person…..

But this doesn’t mean anything….. Hopefully after spring break all of this is gone and I never have to talk about this.

Things are not well. Maybe one day…. Maybe some day.

Let it be His will…… this is what I said the last time I was with some one;

” I love you…. but we are not meant to be together… . I want you to be happy… even if it means I would never be”

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