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We All Wear Masks

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So it seems that life isn’t away happy go luckily. For those that know what has been going on in my life for the past few days I thank you for your help. For those that don’t, you might just not want to know, trust me.

We all wear masks, metaphorically, we all want to seem invincible and great, we never want to show our faces when we feel like shit or when we fail. We sometimes even go out of our way to try to cover up things of our past that we don’t want anyone to know.

I for one have this complex. I have problem letting people in. Don’t know why? Just do.

I have tried many times to take off the mask but it seems that for every mask i take off there are two under it.

By no means am I saying that we have to be completely transparent with everyone, but sometimes we fib about our lives to make them sound better that they are, we fib from where we are, we fib about our feelings.

But there is a down fall to all of this, once you lie to yourself… you start believing these lies and then you are not even able to be true to your own mind.

**This by no means is an attack on anyone, just something that someone has brought to my attention and I have thought about it and I might try to be more human and less “Superman”ish because of this.

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