Random Thoughts

College, Work, Life and Recordings

At the end of the summer I said I was going to try to write some blogs so you guys can get a clue of what is going on in my life. While I have failed miserably, there are reasons why I haven’t had time to write. At this time, I am very serious of […]

Things Aren’t Going to Get Easier

If you where able to get something from my last blog… you are a better person than I. I have recently neglected this blog and other thing because of the soul nature that I rather be studying, practicing my piano/music/mixing skills; have some kind of social life, getting jobs, getting people lined up for recording […]

Sleep? What’s that?

As a music major that has 11 classes, is involve in choirs, and that works freelance in this city I call home I rarely have time for time for myself much less sleep. This weekend was been one of those that one might say was very overwhelming. I have been doing some PR stunts ever […]

Things Are Winding Down

Things are finally going to be settling down, well as much as one can expect. I am still here in Palo Alto and it seems like I’m going to be here until Wednesday at the latest. Which is a good thing seeing that I have to get back to LA pack all my crap and […]

Day Two and Finished?

Yes. I was able to record and mix four songs (co-wrote one during lunch with the band) in two days, but they where two long days. Now I am going to focus on having some fun because let’s face it I’m in New York and there are always a ton of things to. Well hopefully […]

Homesick? Kind of?

I’m not going to lie, I really enjoy New York. I moved here back when I was only 17 and this where I learned a lot what I know and this where I started my career as an audio engineer, but I just got here and I want to be back home. This is really […]

This Place

I am once again away from home, but closer to home than you might think. I am back in New York to do a project of three songs. Hardly worth fly out here for three songs, but either way I’m here and going to try to do the best I can from this. Yesterday I […]

Faith and Secrets

During this week off the only thing I have been able to think off is, Am I making the right choice of pursuing a career in music? Let me explain, I am ok musician and have a decent ear but I no match to other musicians that have been playing for years, I barely started […]

Obsessive Compulsive

I am not one of those that has to have their house as clean as they can be, sure I like where I live to look nice and smell clean but let’s face it I’m twenty, work full time, and I try to have a social life here and there; so there is no way […]

And Things Are Still Busy

Things in my life are always either to slow or I can’t even take a breather in between sentences. Two weeks ago I celebrated my Birthday with a few friends hitting up Denver and white river rafting. It was so sweet. This was my second time doing this and that was about three years ago. […]