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I am once again away from home, but closer to home than you might think. I am back in New York to do a project of three songs. Hardly worth fly out here for three songs, but either way I’m here and going to try to do the best I can from this.

Yesterday I went to see “Annie Get Your Gun” because Adri asked people to go and that was the only show I could attend and enjoyed myself very much. Also enjoy our brief conversation with her. It was brief because she had plans to go out with friends to eat after the play and because I had to get back home and finish packing a few things before heading to the airport.

So here I am for this but I have tried to make and effort to enjoy myself. Today I had a great day with Christine, yes my ex-girlfriend, but we are still friends and I’m ok with that. I will be working for the next three days. Hopefully I can finish in two. Go to Coney Island on Wednesday. Have fittings and rehearsal dinner on Thursday. Tickets to a play on Friday night. A wedding on Saturday and I fly to San Jose on Sunday for a great opportunity to open myself to another section of the industry. Recording sounds for games. 2 week long project and it will be awesome. Well I should get some sleep if I want to wake up in the morning.

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