Random Thoughts

To Clarify

Last time I wrote a small post before boarding a plane for a trip to celebrate my birthday. In said post I vaguely explained that I had called something off. A select handful of people knew what it was about while others didn’t. To shed some light on the situation I will share a bit […]

Back to the Norm

After a week of some work and a lot of fun I’m back here in LA. If you kept up on my recent blogs you should know what happened but if not. I was in New York for a wedding and while there I was able to get some work done, visit some old friends […]

Crossing Lines and Creating Problems

So today was a very busy day. I spent it with my cousin doing last minute wedding things; final review of the wedding cake, fittings of the tuxes, looking at the banquet hall, the flowers. Seeing that everyone that should be here is here, etc. But another thing that my cousin wanted was a girls […]

Homesick? Kind of?

I’m not going to lie, I really enjoy New York. I moved here back when I was only 17 and this where I learned a lot what I know and this where I started my career as an audio engineer, but I just got here and I want to be back home. This is really […]

Surprise! You’re Getting Married, Today

Its been a while since I have written because frankly I haven’t had time to do anything but go to school and plan a wedding. ***Warning*** guys should not plan weddings Remember a few post back about my friends getting engage and not telling me. Well, it seems I was actually the first person he […]

Times are Changing

I know its late but I can’t sleep. I have just been chilling this entire weekend. There was little homework and I have already learned most of my new music for men’s choral. I was every impressed with myself that I am able to sight read most of it and it sounds pretty decent. But […]