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Times are Changing

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I know its late but I can’t sleep. I have just been chilling this entire weekend. There was little homework and I have already learned most of my new music for men’s choral. I was every impressed with myself that I am able to sight read most of it and it sounds pretty decent.

But to the point of this blog or rant as I call them.. This weekend I have been informed that one of my closes friend from home is getting married in TWO WEEKS!!!

I was at church last saturday and I was not informed of this. He came up to and said hi but did not mention this. I had to hear this from my younger sister that is 14 that called to find out if I can tell here how to program her phone that I got here for Christmas. It has been a few days since he and his fiance(also a close friend of mine) announced they where getting married but hadn’t picked a date. I wonder if he will call or email me?

I know that when I left home things where going to change and that I wasn’t going to be always there. I was going to lose touch with a few people but c’mon I only live 30 minutes from home, I can visit every weekend if I really wanted to.

So it seems that the more I live, the more I realize that I was just taking up space there. That I really don’t belong there anymore. Good riddance I just go there when I am in the Valley or they need help with their recording studio

As for everything else, things change, people change. There really isn’t anything I can do.

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