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Surprise! You’re Getting Married, Today

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Its been a while since I have written because frankly I haven’t had time to do anything but go to school and plan a wedding.

***Warning*** guys should not plan weddings

Remember a few post back about my friends getting engage and not telling me. Well, it seems I was actually the first person he told. Before he popped the question and since then I have been helping him plan his wedding and a surprise to his soon to be wife….. I know.

Umm… yeah … I helped him pick out a photographer, the cater, the cake, flower arrangements, the music , the band, write his vows (in a song), got a string quartet to play the wedding march and design the rings. And on top off all that I was the best man.

So it was ok…. Everything went well and she went through it.

Now back to sleeping and doing my homework, trying to pass my classes.

Ohhh… my ipod broke. If you would like to donate to the JR Foundation so I can get new one, it would be nice.

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