Random Thoughts


So last I said I was going to attend Full-Sail this year and have a great life in Miami and whatnot but things have changed. ON Friday a friend picked me up and took me straight to the LA Car Show and I wasn’t able to get back to school until Sunday to move out […]


After much thought I had decided to go to Full-Sail this year to get a A.S. degree and stop the whole inner ear, music theory, you have to take voice lesson because you can’t play an instrument. So I posted a bulletin on myspace, seeing that most people I talk to have one. I got […]


So I have been in the east coast since Wednesday for work. Then today I spent all day in NYC shopping and buying crap for my cousin and his fiance and some things for me…. hehe. Spent most of the day like any other day, seriously, this year it seemed like there isn’t a Christmas. […]

Ugghh.. Why Does This Happen?

As most you of know, I am a music major here at this great institution of higher learning but what some of you might not know is that I have no musical background what so ever. I have been mixing for a five years and know what things should sound like, its like a gut […]

A Choice That Might Change My Entire Life

Its been Global something week here at APU, so I have talked to a few people about missions trips for the summer and whatnot but I realized that I don’t have a calling for missionary work. I’d rather help people in “my own backyard” People from South Central and Crenshaw but I am ill equipped […]