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After much thought I had decided to go to Full-Sail this year to get a A.S. degree and stop the whole inner ear, music theory, you have to take voice lesson because you can’t play an instrument. So I posted a bulletin on myspace, seeing that most people I talk to have one. I got so many responses back. People that I had hardly talked to, were sad to see that I had made this choice to leave and offer to continue praying for me and my adventures in the industry and with my walk with God.

After this, I fasted for two days and asked God to show me his way. And low and behold I got an email from APU saying that i was accepted as a Commercial Music Major. So it seems that God has other plans for me. It seems that Full-Sail will just have to wait until after i get my B.A. and then I can get “specialized” as an audio engineer.

I will try to blog my new life back in LA which will start in three/four hours when I land in LAX.

Until then.

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