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A Choice That Might Change My Entire Life

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Its been Global something week here at APU, so I have talked to a few people about missions trips for the summer and whatnot but I realized that I don’t have a calling for missionary work. I’d rather help people in “my own backyard” People from South Central and Crenshaw but I am ill equipped but at least I understand that I am. So due to this I have been asking God for guidance in my walking with Him and in the person He wants me to be.

Now here is were things get weird. Last night when I was praying, right after I said “let it be your will and if you want me to give up the “recording arts”( mixing, editing, programing) my ears suddenly popped.

I asked Him to open doors for me if I needed to be in the music industry. Today I receive a letter form Full-Sail, a very good trade school, one which specializes in the Recording Arts.

The letter read:

This is opportunity…..”

Now here comes the hard part, is this coincidence or this a way of God telling me to go here? I am pretty comfortable here at APU but life isn’t suppose to be comfortable.

This school is in Miami, and gives me a better financial aid package than APU but there is always that lingering feeling. Is this really the best for me?

To tell you the truth I had contemplated of attending Full-Sail this fall semester but God seemed to tell me that I need to be here during the summer. Now this is happening again, is it because things have changed? Or are they still the same?

If I go to Full-Sail I would be able to graduate in two years instead of the 3 1/2 that I still need here.

Some one help me…. I am going to go crazy with this….

Or is there a third option? Just stop going to school. I know is seem a bit over the edge but how many audio engineers actually go to college to get degrees? Maybe a few hundred. I am starting to consider that I should just drop everything and start talking to everyone I know in the industry to get in and start being more than just a gofer in Record company.

Any advice will be taken into consideration. Thank you for caring and taking time to read this blog.

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