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So I have been in the east coast since Wednesday for work. Then today I spent all day in NYC shopping and buying crap for my cousin and his fiance and some things for me…. hehe. Spent most of the day like any other day, seriously, this year it seemed like there isn’t a Christmas. My parents are in Seattle and I am here on my way back to LA to spend a day, Christmas Day with my sister that I haven’t seen in two years. Then fly back on the 26th to wrap up production of this project I’m working on. Maybe then I can get to relaxing and thinking of where I am going to go next year for school. Go back to LA and see if things with someone are actually going to happen or I am going to go to Full-Sail in Miami and get a great job at the end of the year and create a great life all by myself and a small kid I adopt in the future?

This year had it ups but had more downs. In those hardships I knew God was with me. I just hope I am able to reach the right decision before it’s way too late.

So those reading….

Merry Christmas and Remember the Reason for the Season

Jesus Christ

God Bless

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