Random Thoughts

Playing With Other People’s Money

I don’t fear many things… but I not fearless, but I know that what I do will either fail or succeed. For the most part I have been very good streak and do calculated risks. So I quit my job without anything really lined up with my only plan was to develop skills. In the […]

Feeling at Home at Outside Lands

I spent a few days up in San Francisco partly because of Outside Lands. It was a great line up and wanted to see what the fuzz is all about. I have set an unofficial goal for myself to see all major music festivals by the time I’m 30. Will it happen? Probably not, but […]

Burn Bridges

Recently I’ve been busy… very busy. Work had basically taken over my life and while some of my friends have notice, it really hasn’t been a big deal. I have little responsibilities in immediate personal life, and don’t have a steady significant other or a child of my own. So while I was putting in […]

Post-Instagram World

With the IPO of Facebook a mere two days way, Pinterest announced that it has raised $100 million at a valuation of $1.5 Billion. This comes as quite a surprise as there had been speculation that it was raising around $50 Million at $1 Billion valuation. But it also doesn’t come as a shock. Pinterest […]

Things to Worry About

In 1933, renowned author F. Scott Fitzgerald ended a letter to his 11-year-old daughter, Scottie, with a list of things to worry about, not worry about, and simply think about. It read as follows. Things to worry about: Worry about courage Worry about cleanliness Worry about efficiency Worry about horsemanship Things not to worry about: […]

Propellerhead Figure

I have a “regular” job, but I have the freedom to work with other companies. Last year, while in Berlin, I was introduced to a few people that work at Propellerhead, the makers of Reason. I had heard a bit about them mostly because I have used their popular DAW, Reason and some of the […]


Several months ago after giving my last payment on the expenses of wedding that didn’t happen, I got to taking to Madelyn’s parents. Things had changed from what I heard and everything seemed to resonate a lot more from where I was coming from. I looked up Madelyn and started talking to her a bit […]

Bar Exam

Around August of last year I finally got around to watch Catch Me If You Can. I later learned that it was based on Frank Abagnale’s real story. What I found very interesting was the tidbit about him passing the Bar Exam. He could fake and con everything, except being a lawyer. To do so, […]

New Audio Format?

While doing some research on audio formats, I came across ALAC, Apple Lossless. I’ve been using it for a few years now but only worked on Apple devices. That is until, it became Open sourced late last year. This strikes me a bit odd, as this format was developed by Apple in 2003, based on […]


Recently I’ve been debating the topic of transparency, not only for full disclosure online, but even with friends and family. It’s something, that at times, has plagued friendships, relationship and even my family. While I was in Berlin, my sister called me asking where I was as she had not heard from me for a […]