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Several months ago after giving my last payment on the expenses of wedding that didn’t happen, I got to taking to Madelyn’s parents. Things had changed from what I heard and everything seemed to resonate a lot more from where I was coming from.

I looked up Madelyn and started talking to her a bit more seeing if thing had indeed changed. They have. She’s working in New York, something she had fought tooth and nail when we where first discussing places to live, but the recent economic climate had moved her to New York.

As time progressed, we spent more time talking, emails, text, phone calls. This is uncommon because I’m not big on being on the phone. So far talking about they past and since a lot of gripes had faded, I came to the conclusion that I could live to “love” her. Yeah… I’m saying it.

I have once more have Madelyn as a betrothed wife. We are planning the wedding for November at the Plaza Hotel, just like the original that was supposed to take place.

Why the sudden change of heart? I have run out of friends. Out of the last two single guy friends, one is to be wed in July and the other, his long term girlfriend will be moving in with him in the near future. This meant that I need to


1. Make new friend… being an asshole doesn’t make this an easy process.
2. Find a girlfriend. Work and being an asshole also don’t make this an easy process.
3. If just marry Madelyn… at least I won’t be alone.
4. Madelyn perspective has changed and will stay in the US.
5. I would get my trust back (it has grown significantly in the last 4 years)
6. The dowry is something I can’t pass up.


Update April 2, 2012: This was an April Fool’s prank.

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