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I have a “regular” job, but I have the freedom to work with other companies. Last year, while in Berlin, I was introduced to a few people that work at Propellerhead, the makers of Reason. I had heard a bit about them mostly because I have used their popular DAW, Reason and some of the engineers at Line 6 helped Propellerhead with their audio interface, Balance. ;(Line 6 is also their distributor partner in the US.)

In Berlin we had a brief meeting as I was there on other business but kept in contact. A few weeks later I was contacted and was asked if I wanted to help them test out some stuff that they had been working on. I agreed but asked them to send over legal paper work to see that it wouldn’t interfere with my current employer. (Kids if you want to be made in the next few years become a lawyer, preferably Entertainment or IP Law) Yes, being a grown up in my line of work means contracts and paper work… That was taken care of and I was able to be an outside consultant on Figure, their iOS app. Propellerhead is not new to the Mac or iOS platform, they have Rebirth which is basically Reason on the iPad, albeit Reason 4 but nonetheless a very powerful music app on an iOS device.

It was great opportunity I took and that was able to be accomplished by many things being in place. What I enjoyed most about working with them is that they cared about the app. To a the point that they developed a brand new UI for it, while still coding for the platform.

What’s even better is that designers that I look up to like it so much that they mention it and praise the UI.

I’m glad that Propellerhead gave me the opportunity to help this app. You can get Figure for iOS in the App Store.

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