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Around August of last year I finally got around to watch Catch Me If You Can. I later learned that it was based on Frank Abagnale’s real story. What I found very interesting was the tidbit about him passing the Bar Exam. He could fake and con everything, except being a lawyer. To do so, he had to actually take and pass the Bar Exam.

I tweeted that I wanted to see if I could be a lawyer without going to law school.


A few minutes later someone replied to be that in the state of California it’s not necessary to have gone to law school or hold a JD to take the Bar.


A few days I was offered a job, but was not able to accept the offer as it dealt with music law and having passed the Bar. I have dealt with music law for some time and do a quite of music law work, contracts and the like but always have a lawyer go over them.


I then decided to take the gamble. I decided then and there that I was going to take the Bar. I registered to take the Bar in February, bought Bar Max off the AppStore and with that I started to study.


I didn’t mention again it until the day of the Exam on Twitter and Facebook.


Many thought I was kidding, others faintly remember me talking about taking it.

I don’t mention a lot of things until things are done. People shoot down your ideas if you talk about them, but if you take actions, and then talk about them as you are doing or have finish something, people stand in awe. Not because your better than them, but because you did something rarely carried out. You did something, you followed through something you mentioned.


The exam was spread across three grueling days. But I did it. Now I wait to see what come of this. Am I expecting to pass and get a job at a law firm? Not really. Most law firms want a JD. Heck, I’m not even sure I will pass. I took it because… well because, I wanted to do something. So many people talk and wish and hope about doing something… anything. The solution is actually very simple. Do it.

See it’s easy to talk about doing something, to wish and hope of being someone. It takes work to actually carry out your dreams. What I’ve learned over the years is that people are inherently lazy. I try to surround myself with people who are not. That push, that want better and not settle for mediocrity.

Not passing the Bar is not a failure. On the contrary, it’s a win. I took a shot at taking what some may call the hardest test out there. I had talked about taking the LSATs beforehand, but never got around it, but did take the MCATs back 2007.

This was not to show people that I am better. It was to show people that things can be accomplished. I wanted something… and I went and did it. Such a simple concept that sadly very little people do it.

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