Random Thoughts

Sleep? What’s that?

As a music major that has 11 classes, is involve in choirs, and that works freelance in this city I call home I rarely have time for time for myself much less sleep. This weekend was been one of those that one might say was very overwhelming. I have been doing some PR stunts ever […]


Time is such a precious thing that many people refer it as money in the old saying, “Time is money.” This week I have figured out that time is not only money but much, much more. I am not overwhelmed. I’m just hitting a wall seeing that I have somewhat sick, so my body has […]

Dirty Dishes

Ok I know that we all leave dishes in the sink for a few days, a week tops, but two of my roommates are so irresponsible that we have had dishes in the sink for over Two Months!!! One of them has a man crush on the other and can’t do wrong. I hate living […]

New Year, Same Old Life

It is only the second day of the New Year and I already hate it. So many people with their New Year resolutions and how they are going to be different this year, they’re going to help more, give more and worry less about money. Bull Shit! This year, for me at least, will be […]

A Rant From a Hopeless Romantic

As most of you know I have always “just been there” or been “a substitute” or ” you’re such a great friend” or ” I love you but as a friend” and everything else So I say screw it this what I want: So here it goes….. I would like to meet a girl that […]