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New Year, Same Old Life

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It is only the second day of the New Year and I already hate it. So many people with their New Year resolutions and how they are going to be different this year, they’re going to help more, give more and worry less about money. Bull Shit!

This year, for me at least, will be like every other year. It will start with some kind of fling until summer and then everything will be shot to hell because she lives in another state and I need to stay here to work and pay for school. I will try to help at a church which I have gained the respect from all the elder and grown close to the people there. Then I have to leave the youth group because it will suck because there is no youth pastor. I will be called in to counsel a few of these so-called “troubled-youth” and tell them that they aren’t the problem, the church is. Then have jobs here and there but nothing career affirming; I will give up on music to do counseling at the high school-college level and die from all the reading.

Meet a nice girl that we can talk about everything and anything, but she will only think of me as a friend and I realize it so therefore never make a move.

So, here is my motto for the year; Don’t aim to high because you don’t know if this year is going to be good or crappy.

There you have it, my 1st blog of 2006.

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