Random Thoughts

Something About Me…

So chapel on Friday was about letting people into your life and sharing what one is struggling with. So let me share. I have been currently struggling with a very big decision, which not only affects my life but the life of someone else. For those that don’t know, Christine has been considering giving up […]

Fight or Flight

This past Friday I headed to the airport to get on to a flight to New York. It was a red-eye flight, so it leaves at midnight and lands at 8 am EST. I tried falling asleep but it seemed like my mind would not turn off, so I asked to some sleeping pilling…. and […]

So, New York….

It has been some time since I was here. I was here for Spring Break but it was more because Christine was in coma and I had a job here. It was originally for fun and had many things planned but to my surprise I was here for someone I really care for, and I […]