Random Thoughts

Changing Lives

I’m really not going to write a lot because I’m exhausted and I need to get some rest. This week has been I have been spending a lot more time with Laura and it seems like we are dating but we are not going to put a label this for several reasons, most importantly is […]

Things Aren’t Going to Get Easier

If you where able to get something from my last blog… you are a better person than I. I have recently neglected this blog and other thing because of the soul nature that I rather be studying, practicing my piano/music/mixing skills; have some kind of social life, getting jobs, getting people lined up for recording […]

Pre-20th Century Music

So as I am listening to music form the mid-1800’s I realized that I haven’t written in almost a week and I am really trying to make time for everything. So let me explain why am I am listening to Pre-20th century music, its part of an assignment for History and Literature of commercial music, […]

School Suxs

School has been underway for two days and I am already swamped with work and reading. Classes started yesterday, luckily for me I don’t have classes before chapel. But because its a new school year there is a community chapel on the other campus, so I got to my first class a bit late… 20 […]

Another School Year

As some might know I moved here last weeks but classes don’t start until tomorrow. Well the reason three fold; 1)I wanted all my crap to be unpacked way before school started, therefore making my apartment look like an apartment before classes start, 2) I am part of a choir and had to be here […]

Back in LA

I will be AWOL for then next few days. Between packing and leaving my laptop at an Apple store for repairs, I will not have time to write on this blog, or be online for that matter. Don’t try to call me, I will not pick up. I will write as soon as I can.