Random Thoughts

Fresh Coat of Paint

As you might be able to see the blog has gotten a new coat of paint. It’s been a few years since the last time the blog has revamped, appearance wise, and this it. This revamp is a courtsy of Derek Punsalan. He re-coded the Unstandard theme I was originally using to make use of  Wordpress […]

Simplicity is Complex

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” -Leonardo DaVinci The past few days I have spent some time trying to see what changes I will be making to the site. Decided that before I did anything I should read up a bit on HTML (A code which websites are built upon of, including CSS, PHP and JavaScript). […]

Light Bulb

As I was writing my last post… I finally got my answer of where I want this blog to go, nowhere. I was reminded of one my first posts when the blog became self-hosted, “Five Reasons I Blog” 4. I like writing. I don’t know when this happened but I like writing my thoughts down. […]

Which Path to Take?

I’m finding myself not able to write as much as I did in the past. In the past months so much of it has happened, so much has change, yet so much has stayed the same. I’ve had this blog since September of ’05 when I started it on Blogger, then grew up to WordPress.com […]

Testing 1,2,3

Trying out the WordPress App for the iPhone. It seems to be working fine and finding it to be good compliment for blogging in the go.

Yeah… WordPress 2.5

After a few bumpy glitches I got WordPress running smoothly. I really like the new dashboard – I’m just saying.

New Design

After a few days working hard on fixing bugs and testing. I am releasing the new layout. Foliage It’s a mod of mod by Derek Punsalan. I’ve also added OpenID. If you have a WordPress, AOL, Livejournal, Vox or Yahoo account, you probably already have one . I will be adding a few more things […]

Kennrodriguez.com Blog

Yeah, I was able to move to a new sever and still run wordpress. I will try to update the layout as soon I get time and design the front page of my website. UPDATE: I am currently using a WordPress theme created by Derek Punsalan.

Moving and Redesign

I have recently been thinking of hosting my blog on my own domain name. So, Eddie stepped in and just asked me to buy the domain name, which I have, and he would take care of the rest. He has recently bought two TERABYTES from a Hosting startup for the next few years and decide […]

Fixing Things

For those who know, my myspace page has gone through some rework and has been updated to look a bit more eye appealing while also taking away the ads on the top of the page. But recently I have been in such a editing and fixing mood that I might create a new layout for […]