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As I was writing my last post… I finally got my answer of where I want this blog to go, nowhere.

I was reminded of one my first posts when the blog became self-hosted, “Five Reasons I Blog

4. I like writing. I don’t know when this happened but I like writing my thoughts down. It seems to be my form of therapy. And I really enjoy sharing my life with people that will take an interest.

My thoughts have been warped mostly because I thought there had to be some kind of recognition, when in reality it should be for personal enjoyment. I’m seeing that I’ve lost a lot of what this blog was really about. Sharing my thoughts, my pictures, my music, my travels. With all of this I was able to go back and reflect; there is no need to decide on a new path, just go back and do what I enjoy. It doesn’t matter if I have an audience of 5 or 5 million.

In the coming days/weeks I will try to go back and just write things down without trying to be more than I am.

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