Random Thoughts

Sickness and Thoughts

Since my last post a lot has changed. Lets start with the good. I’m taking a lighter load this semester because I would like to get some rest this semester so I’m just taking 16 units instead of my original schedule of 20 units. I was finally contacted by BCM (Berklee College of Music) and […]

Sleep? What’s that?

As a music major that has 11 classes, is involve in choirs, and that works freelance in this city I call home I rarely have time for time for myself much less sleep. This weekend was been one of those that one might say was very overwhelming. I have been doing some PR stunts ever […]

Why Can’t I Sleep?

I don’t know what it is? is it because I miss NYC? Is it because I am have regrets of being back at APU? But for some odd reason I cannot, for the life of me, go to sleep before 2 am. I need to sleep. I have tons of classes and am in two […]

Times are Changing

I know its late but I can’t sleep. I have just been chilling this entire weekend. There was little homework and I have already learned most of my new music for men’s choral. I was every impressed with myself that I am able to sight read most of it and it sounds pretty decent. But […]

Sleepless Night

I find myself here writing because I cannot make myself got to bed and have a good night’s sleep. I really have no clue why. Could it because I was talking to the person I am pursing and have felt ashamed that on Friday night I went clubbing with people from school that she doesn’t […]