Random Thoughts

The Pursuit of Happiness

After two weeks in Boston I came back home today. While I was there I reflected on life, finances, friends, my spirituality, and various aspects of my career and choices I have made through out the year. During the time there I was able to visit one of the greatest schools of music in the […]

Happy 2007 !!!!!

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year. May God bless you with joy in your heart and help you through any struggles you may have in the future. Hebrews 10:12 so do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. You need to preserve so that when you […]

The Woes of My Life

So I’ve been here in New York since last Friday, got in around 11:00 pm and headed straight to the hospital Christine was. She had surgery that morning, and I didn’t know what was the outcome until then. Stayed in the hospital until Monday morning when she came out of here chemical coma. She’s well […]

New Year, Same Old Life

It is only the second day of the New Year and I already hate it. So many people with their New Year resolutions and how they are going to be different this year, they’re going to help more, give more and worry less about money. Bull Shit! This year, for me at least, will be […]