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I spent past four days in New England. Used Airbnb to find place and lived for several days as a local. There’s just something about going to a place where you know no one… not a soul, and just go about as you are living there. Going to the local artisan coffee shop and people watch. See how people from another place lives. Just taking a break from your own life for a bit.

It’s been a while since I’ve done this…. It was much more common when I was at University, and when I worked at Capitol but not as much the past few years. But I had to… I had to unplug. There are many reasons why this is something I do. I know my limits and this is a way to keep myself from burning out, not only at work but in personal affairs.

When I was at school I had a lot things to keep up on while still trying to make a living, plus the added benefits of family drama. Every so often I just when somewhere. Just took some time to readjust, clear my head… but as time went by I notice that I needed more time. I know my limits and I know when to just stop before I do burn out.

People don’t understand why this happens. I work hard, but only on things I am extremely passionate about. At my current job, (which I haven’t gone into much detail here even though there is a draft of blog post but thought it was too of a brag to post) I hold a title, but as any one that has worked at a Startup knows, titles doesn’t mean much of what you do. I do what I got to do. If you have paid any attention, you’ve notice that my twitter has gotten quieter, I haven’t written much lately and my foursquare has gotten busier, sometimes around airports. These are three things that correlate to me being busy and working my ass off, which is good. What’s even better is that I’m not complaining because things are actually pretty awesome. But there is only so long I can set you thrusters on over burn until I need to just stop.

Then we go in the personal. Stuff, stuff and more stuff. That’s all you’ll get about these types situations. I don’t talk about family drama. All I can say is that I needed time way to just stop ‘feeling.’ Just reset how much I feel, if that makes any sense. (I’m in the middle of another post that will probably explain how I ‘feel’) I just needed to get away…

I was reminded that I didn’t do this last year… And that is true, but I was working on someone else timeline, the product had been planned out for years, I was just helping out at the tail end of a long development cycle to make sure the execution was the right one. And even within that time I visited Berlin and Tokyo… Travel puts me at ease for some reason.

So I was offline… What did I miss?

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