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Spare Keys

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Yesterday a friend of mine locked himself out of his office and he called me as I have his spare keys. It wasn’t much of a drive or a hassle. I went over and helped him out and then he asked, “Why don’t I have your spare?”

It’s odd. I can count on one hand the times I have locked myself out of my home, 1. It was sophomore year in college and the side window was always unlocked because my roommate had a habit of forgetting his keys.

But this comes at a time where trust is brought up… he thinks that because I have his keys he should have mine, keys are more of dependability subject. I have his keys because he knows that I would drop almost anything to help him out if I am within 100 miles radius. While I trust my friend, he not as dependable. He has other responsibilities, and I haven’t had the problem of locking myself out of my car, home or office. Heck I am going through some lengths to stop having to carry key. I bought a Lockitron for the sole purpose of getting rid of physical Keys. I dislike carrying around physical keys, With the exception of my office key I have a keyless entry to my car, and soon enough, my home.

Maybe I have trust issues, maybe I don’t want to be dependent on others.

I go out of my way to make self redundant arrays to do so.

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